I am sure you must be all excited to start your new home. Of course, because you get to choose everything of your choice. But when it comes to kitchen, making smarter choices should be the priority. Else you will end up stocking lots of utensils and unwanted items which in the long run will make your kitchen look like a disaster.

Be smart and invest in good quality products instead of buying the same utensil in 3 different brands. The plan is to create an organised and clutter free kitchen.

First lets begin with food essentials –

On your Counter – Tea powder, Sugar, Salt – Get three glass/ceramic jars to store these especially for salt because storing salt in plastic is a health hazard. Plus they will look good on your counter.


Spoon Holder – Get a big holder to store all your cooking spoons next to your cooking range. I personally love my IKEA spoon holder. Sleek and spacious. If you have less counter space, you can attach a towel rod on the wall and add hanging baskets to hold your spoons or you can just store them in a drawer.

Spice rack – Get small identical transparent glass/plastic jars to store all your spices. I personally love the IKEA spice jars. They are made of glass,handy and holds the perfect amount of spice.


I have listed some of the common spices indians use for their cooking just in case you are looking for a compiled version –

  • Cinnamon
  • Cardommon
  • Cloves
  • Mustard seeds
  • Cumin seeds
  • Fennel seeds
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Whole pepper
  • Dry red chillies

So you will need atleast 10 of these jars. Store all the spices in a separate cabinet near your stove for easy access.

Masala Rack – Indian cooking is incomplete without masalas. I personally prefer homemade masalas from my hometown to make sure they are not adulterated. They add the best flavors to my food. Keeping masalas in glass jars are recommended but for a short life you can use plastic jars too. Commonly used masalas are –

  • Red Chilly powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Garam masala
  • Cumin powder
  • Fennel powder
  • Coriander powder

6 identical jars can be used to store them and you can also label them for a fancy look. You can even reuse nutella/ jam glass jars for this.


Oil dispenser– 

Storing oil can be a difficult task for some. I personally prefer TUPPERWARE oil storing containers as they reduce the spilling of oil while tilting. They come in many sizes and are available online. Also there are other glass bottles with steel nozzles available which may be a little expensive.

Tip -I prefer wrapping a folded towel with a rubber band around the center of the oil dispenser so that any spilling oil doesn’t make my fingers oily. Also you can place the oil dispensers on a seaparate tray lined with some tissue and replace them once they get too oily. This will help to reduce the oily mess on your counter. I also use this method with ghee and other oil containers in my cabinet.

Rice and Flour                                                                                       

Rice and flour must be stored in airtight containers. Light weight plastic containers are best to store them.jar

Tip – To prevent bugs from infesting your rice or flour, add some fresh neem leaves or some dried red chillies to the grains. This will keep the insects away. If you are storing them for a long time(months) then occasionally keep them in direct sunlight for a day or two.

Common flours indians use are –

  • Wheat flour
  • Maida
  • Besan flour


Pulses are another staple in Indian cooking. In fact Indian cuisine is famous for its Dal makhani and Dal fry. They are an extremely healthy and nutritious. You will need air tight containers to store pulses. Keep them transparent so that any bugs or infestation is visible and you will be aware of the stock left. Clear mason jars or even glass olive jars will look wonderful in your cabinet.


For more information on pulses used in indian cooking click the link –Pulses – A Guide for beginners

BPA free Storage boxes

You will be needing some of these boxes to store food, meat and leftovers in your fridge. Use BPA free plastic boxes or stainless steel boxes for a healthier option.

Hope you have got an idea of basic kitchen arrangement you need to start working! More to come.

Vegetable Basket  – A layered basket set will help to keep the onions, garlic, potatoes and other fruits or veges on your counter or on the floor.


Plastic Bags Storage

Grocery bags get collected in a heap very easily and is quite difficult to store them. Get one of these plastic bags dispenser from IKEA for easy storage and you can even hand them on the wall.


Small Clock

I always keep a small clock above my oven to keep a track of the time when Iam cooking. Insignificant but it helps!

Dinner Set

Invest in a good quality ceramic dinner set (preferably white) to serve your guests. Also see if smaller plates and bowls are included.

If you want to add weightless glass crockery to your kitchen, opt for BOROSIL glassware. This brand uses lightweight borosilicate glass and has a wide variety of drinking glasses and glass serving plates which are weightless and classy. Especially for serving water or parfaits in glass for your guests, they are the most classy option. But handle them with care! You can buy them on amazon or snapdeal.



A kitchen can’t run without electronics which make our work so much easier. Get the list of basic items you will need such as Electric/Gas Stove, Mixer and Grinder.

My personal favorite mixer brand is Panasonic. I think they work really good for a long time. As for the grinder, I own a 1.25 litre Ultra table top grinder. Its the smallest one you can find on amazon. Plus it works like magic. It consumes less space and is also less heavy and easy to wash. For a family of two or even four, this is more than enough to make idly/dosa batter for a week.


I think i have covered most of the basic items you need to organise your kitchen. Hope you found this helpful. For ideas on other optional items that your kitchen might need, click the link below.

Other Optional Items for your new Kitchen