Now, this might sound a little difficult and tiring for most mothers out there but trust me it isn’t impossible. No matter how bad the day was, you can always start afresh the next day…unless you wake up to same clutter left over last night.

The mantra to keep a home clean and fresh is to follow some simple yet effective daily rule. Main rule – DON’T PROCASTINATE. I’ve been through that. Sometimes laziness overcomes us and we put off all the cleaning and dusting till the weekends. And the whole weekend is spend in cleaning the house..what a waste of time. Instead, doing little things everyday will help in saving so much time at the end of week and also less scrubbing will be required.

Once you start practicing them, it will become a habit and not a chore. You will love the effortless clean look of your home!

Some things to do EVERYDAY

Every Morning

  1. Make your bed : The bed is the heart of the room. Keeping the sheets nice and blankets folded when you wake up won’t take more than a minute. It will create a cleaner look to the room. Make it a habit and you”ll get addicted.
  2. Take out the trash : Don’t let garbage stay in your kitchen trash for more than a day. Make sure to change the trash every morning to prevent foul odour.
  3. Empty your dishwasher/washed vessels : When my tea is getting ready, I take a minute to put back all the washed vessels from last night back into the cupboard.

Before Bed 

  1. Clear the floor : Take a minute or two to pick up all those scattered toys. Keep a big basket to throw them into easily. A cleaner floor will give a neater looking place. I actually prefer clearing away toys at night after my son goes to bed so that i can wake up to less clutter.
  2. Clean the Sink :The sink is the dirtiest place in every kitchen. After washing all the vessels at night, make sure to disinfect the sink and scrub away all the residue. THis habit will leave a healthier kitchen.
  3. Wipe the Counter and stovetop : Letting stains stay on the kitchen counter top will only make it worse and will need heavy scrubbing. Keep a microfibre cloth handy to wipe away any scattered food or waste left on the counter. I also prefer to sweep the kitchen floor before bed so that cockroaches and other pests stay away.

Once A Week –

  1. Change the bed sheets and pillow covers.
  2. Mop the floor.
  3. Clean the washroom – Scrub the toilet and sink. Don’t forget the mirror!
  4. Wipe all appliances specially in the kitchen – Allowing food or waste to collect in mixer and grinders will reduce its lifetime. Wipe them down with a damp cloth and for cleaning the crevices and gaps, use an old toothbrush dipped in some dish soap.
  5. Dust the furniture and fans – Invest in some good microfibre cloths for dusting. A microfibre cloth will pull away all the dust without making a mess.
  6. Do the laundry.

Once A Month –

  1. Clean and arrange the kitchen cabinets : Trust me, you will discover new things you didn’t know existed in your cabinet.
  2. Wash the rugs and bathroom mats.
  3. Disinfect your garbage can.
  4. Clean inside your oven(if you own one).
  5. Clean your fridge – Throw away any rotting vegetables and expired food items. Wipe the fridge compartments with a damp cloth.

Once A Season

  1.  Wash the curtains, blankets and bed covers.
  2. Dust and wipe the windows.
  3. Clean your chimney.
  4. Sort your closet to clean/ donate items.

Not that you know the basic cleaning routine in your home, you can follow them yourself or get a maid to do them. But during our daily chores, there are some tricks that can help you save time cleaning. Here are some tips that i follow which I think has made a huge difference in my messed up home.

  1. Put things back where you took it from. Simple. Yet we often forget to and go on a hunt for it next time we need it. Make it a habit to put away things to where they belong. Like shoes must be kept on the rack when you enter home. And keeping your wallet and watch in a special place. Even in the kitchen, when you are cooking, use idle time to keep back the jars and plates in their place.
  2. Keeping a Waste Plate/Bowl near cutting board . This has helped me keep my kitchen neater. When i take my cutting board, I take a waste plate along with it so that i can put away all the peeled waste into it and wouldn’t have to open the garbage multiple times. Once my cooking is over, I throw away all the waste collected in it all together. This keeps my counter top clean.
  3. Sprinkle some baking soda into trash . Trash can get very smelly sometimes. Add some baking soda to the bottom of your trash can to absorb all the foul smell. You can even use some lemon slices. I also like to wipe away the inside of the garbage lid with a wipe as most of the odour stays in it even after the trash is removed.
  4. Spot Cleaning . Now this is the most underrated job. It can take a while to make it a habit. Picking up stray things which are lying around while walking past them can save so much time. When you see something which doesn’t belong there, if you immediately clear it(rather than procastinate) it will save you time. Trust me, it helps.