If you own a really big kitchen, you have so many more options to add to it. In terms of creating a sophisticated look to more added gadgets, there are many options out there. I have listed some other optional items you can add to your kitchen to make it appealing.

The key is minimalism. The lesser and simpler products you add to your kitchen, the neater it will look. Opt for products which not only look fancy but also useful in terms of storage and space saving.

A tea cup holder

This stand will help to keep your tea cups accessible at any time and also a good display of your collection.


A towel rod with hanging baskets

This is the latest trend which not only increases your storage space but also gives you a cleaner counter top. You can drill in a towel rod and buy some s shaped hooks to hang whatever you like.



I just love these things. They give so much space to add things without looking messy. You can get colorful cheap ones at IKEA. From storing daily use cooking oils to storing your cutlery or baking items, they help to organise and save space. They look pretty on the counter too. Basically, they can fit in everywhere to make a messy place look neat.


A kettle

If you are a person who needs hot water to drink all the time, invest in a good water kettle to save time. I own a sanford kettle and it works quite decently.

Pepper Mill

A pepper mill is used to make freshly crushed pepper. They come in all shapes, even in wood or glass. They not only look fancy, but also help in adding fresh pepper aroma to your dishes.

Knife Stand

A good wooden knife stand will make your knives more accessible but also look professional.


You can also make a DIY knife stand using an empty jar and skewers. Fill the jar with skewers and pop in your knives.


Mason Jars

Clear glass jars can be used to store daily use items such as tea,sugar,flour and coffee. They look pretty on the counter as well as make your needs accessible.


Fresh Greens

A plant can give life to a dull space. Add a plant pot to any free corner or space in your kitchen. You can grow simple and small plants like mint/coriander or even flowering plants. If you are not much a gardening person, you can even opt for the plastic ones. They look equally inviting!