1. Nagging

This habit of women tops the list. The one most annoying thing a man can find in his wife is nagging. And of course it may be because the man doesn’t listen when said once which causes frustration and leads to nagging.

Solution – There is no point in shouting at the wall. If something needs to be done by him, tell him once. Instead of nagging him again, try doing it yourself so that he notices. Try being a strong and independent woman and watch him rushing to help you. Stop nagging and be clear in your talk.

2. Disrespect

Men need respect. That’s what makes him feel like a man. Disrespecting a man makes him feel less worthy and that doesn’t do any good. It’s the worse thing any man can expect from his soul mate.

Solution – Every man deserves to be respected. Irrespective of his wealth or behaviour, he needs respect. This doesnt mean that you have to treat him like he is your boss. There is a difference between giving just respect and respect with love. Respect is not in terms of just language, but respect for his favours, dreams, opinions and family. Give  him the respect he deserves and watch it reciprocate back as love.

3. Expecting him to always be with you

Now this is a fact many find difficult to digest. After marriage, husbands spends maximum time with their wives. That is the honeymoon phase. Once normal life comes into picture, the man has to earn for his family. He needs to leave the house. Women find it difficult to stay away from them and get frustrated and moody. These emotions turn into anger which may affect your relationship.

Solution – Accept the fact that he needs his own time. And so do you. When he is away, take time to take care of yourself. Do things you love and something productive in the idle time. If you still miss him, send a text and do some thing to suprise him when he is back. Over thinking and creating problems that don’t exist is the worst possible thing you can do.

4. Too much questioning

One of the most annoying thing a person can find in his wife is her attitude of questioning. “Why are you late? Who did you go out with? Who were you talking to?” are some common questions wives like to ask. Men find it annoying when they have to report everything to their wives. The more you question him, the more he will hide.

Solution – Give him his space. Don’t think that you have to know every single detail of his whereabouts. He deserves skme trust. If it is relevant for you, he will tell you. Imagine him questioning details of your makeup routine or your day out with friends. Kinda annoying right?

If you are really desperate to know something,instead of shooting direct questions (Why late?), use phrases like “I wonder what took you so long. Is everything ok?” or “Did you have a bad day at work?” Such kind of questions will not only fetch you answers but will also  express your concern for him rather than suspecting. It’s a win-win situation.

5. Suspecting

Marriage is a bond that is formed on trust. Never let suspicion ruin your marriage.Even if you trust him, don’t make him feel suspected by asking too many questions or tracking his movements. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Solution – Trust him. Tell him you trust him more than yourself and he will never cheat on you. Use words wisely.

6. Comparing

There will always be men who are much richer, handsome and more appealing than your husband. But it is your husband who wants to share his life with you. All those hunks you see on social media may not be exactly like what they appear. Looking at others lives on Facebook and comparing it with your own is not a healthy habit. Exaggerating about your friend’s husbands can hurt him and make him feel inferior. That is not something you would want to instill in him.

Solution – Rather than comparing, be satisfied. Always know that it could have been worse. There are hundreds of women willing to have a life like yours. Be grateful to his efforts to make you happy. Make him feel like he is the best husband in the world. Encourage him and watch him grow into the best version of himself.

7. Grumpy faced

After a long tiring day at work, when the husband comes home, receiving him with a frown or questioning his late timing will just spoil his mood. He will not want to talk with you but just go straight to sleep. At least that can give him peace that you can’t, won’t it?

Solution – No matter how your day was or what work you were doing, when your husband is back from work, open the door with a big smile(and a hug). It’s not hard. Just try this routine for a week. This will show how much you missed him and he will love the feeling to come home. All a man needs after a hard day at work is his wife welcoming him home with a smile(and food of course ;)).

Remember how you interacted days before/after marriage with him. Definitely you would have be smiling. The more you smile at home, the more he will want to talk or interact with you.  If you keep a grumpy face, don’t wonder why he never came near you. He’s just trying to stay away from a grenade.