Fertilizers are an important part of gardening. Using plain soil will help to grow plants but their yield will be low. To enhance the quality and yield, it is necessary to add fertilizers to plants at least once a week.

The vegetables we get in the market are loaded with chemical fertilizers. For  safer and healthier vegetables, it is necessary to use toxic free fertilizer which is quite simple to make.

To make homemade fertilizer all you need is your kitchen waste. Store your vegetable waste(peels, egg shells, fruit waste) in a ziploc bag and freeze it. Once the bag is full, beat it in the mixer to form a paste. Take a big bucket or pot with two holes on bottom and sides and add a layer of coir peat at the bottom. Next add a layer of the wet veg waste paste made and layer it on top with dried cow dung. Cow dung should fully cover the veg waste to avoid flies. As you collect vegetable waste, keep on adding layers of waste and cow dung up to 3 layers and keep it covered with a lid. Weekly once give it a stir. In a few days time, you will notice that the mixture starts to dry and turn into black sand like soft texture. This is your homemade fertilizer. Add a hand full of this once a week to the soil of your pots for good yield.

My aunt uses this fertilizer to keep her terrace garden blooming and also for organic produce for her family meals. She swears by them and her garden is loving it.





Note –

  • Vegetable waste may include onion peel, banana peels, tomatoes, rice.
  • Collect egg shells separately and microwave 1 minute. Grind it and add to the fertilizer.
  • Do not add dairy products or meat waste.
  • Coffee grinds are rich in nitrogen content and hence best fertilizer for orange, lemon plants.