With growing industrialization and lack of free space in urban cities, people are opting for terrace gardening to fulfill their passion. When I first visited my aunt’s terrace garden at my ancestral home, I was quite surprised as to how she had managed to create a beautiful, breathtaking lush green garden all by herself.

To be able to have access to nature’s greenery anytime, to see pretty butterflies adorn the plants and being able to pluck your own vegetables, Now that’s an offer no one would decline. Quite interested to begin one myself, I had a conversation with my aunt on the A to Zs of terrace gardening. And surprisingly, it was quite simple!  With a little dedication and love for plants, anyone can own a terrace garden.

If you have the luxury of living in an independent house, you may want to consider this. Many people are interested in creating a terrace garden but don’t know how to and where to get the resources. All of the views and ideas expressed here are my own and are tried and tested methodologies as well. I will also give a sneek peek into my ancestral home terrace garden.

How To Start A Terrace Garden

The first criteria to start a terrace garden is to make sure your house is strong enough to hold one. Weak structures and leaking walls won’t do. A good healthy brick and cement house can hold even a coconut tree.

Secondly,Seedling tray and Pots or Grow Bags. You can choose as to your liking, you can opt for big plant pots or the economical and light weight grow bags. Grow bags are cheap and you can get three of them for a hundred rupees. You can buy them on Amazon or Flipkart  as well.

Next, the pot soil. For a good yielding garden, you will need –

  • Coir Peat  – Coir Peat is a multi-purpose soil conditioner and growing medium/potting medium. It comes in a package like a square brick. Once you soak it for 15 minutes, it will expand four to five times its size. You can buy it on amazon.
  • Any fertile soil – Preferably red soil or gardening soil.
  • Earthworm Compost
    Earthworm Compost

If you are a first time gardener, start with a single vegetable. Buy seeds of the vegetable that you would like to grow. Fill the seedling tray with earthworm compost and add a seed to each block. Sprinkle with water and keep in shade. Wait for one or two weeks till seedlings grow. Once the seedlings are strong enough, transfer to grow bags or pots.


Seedling tray


Grow Bags

The contents of the pots or grow bags should be –

1 portion coir peat, 1 portion soil, 1 portion cow dung(dried) and 1 portion earthworm compost. Mix all together and fill two thirds of the pot.

Optionally you can add a teaspoon of trichotermarevide to this mixture.

After transferring the seedlings to the pots, water them every morning and evening for 7 days at least. In 30 to 40 days,it will flower. Then, it will give produce.

Follow this procedure for all your vegetables and flowering plants and watch your terrace grow into a beautiful garden.

Tomatoes ready to be plucked



Flowering Cactus


Organic Vegetables
More produce!
Beautiful Blooms
A Lemon Tree


Plant more of all season crops which give good yield. Some of the plants that can easily be grown from seeds are tomato, brinjal, ladys finger, custard apple, cucumber, lemons and beans.

Underground plants like onion, potatoes and carrots need more space to grow. Climbers should be directly grown in the grow bags rather than in trays.

Oh,and here is a look at today’s produce.

Mandatory – If you are expecting faster and good quality yield, don’t forget to add fertilizers once every week and also pest control. For more information, Click the link below.

Best Homemade Fertilizer for plants

Pest Control Techniques