If you are planning of starting a diet anytime soon, I’m sure as Indians your first choice of food would be chapatis. But if you are going to use the store bought wheat flours to make chapatis, then you might want to think again. Because most of the wheat flour we get in the stores are adulterated. You may swear on any particular brand to make the softest chapatis but trust me, the maida in them is what makes them so soft which only adds to your calories.

You can only be sure that what you are consuming is pure wheat unless you make it on your own. And it’s not that difficult either.

In my hometown, it is quite common to go to the mill to give wheat and masalas for grinding. This way we get to eat healthier food for an economical price.

All you need to find is a good mill in your city which I think you can track down very easily.

To make the softest and organic chapatis, all you need is whole wheat. There are many varieties of wheat of which the long and little broken variety is the superior one. In Tamil, this wheat is called “oosi godhumai”.

Buy at least one kg of this whole wheat and wash them thoroughly. Dry them on a cotton cloth in your balcony or rooftop for a day so that excess water is removed.

Take your wheat to the mill and give it for grinding. You will get the finest and softest light brown flour which is real wheat flour.

Once you taste the chapatis and puris made using this flour, there is no turning back to the store bought ones. You can thank me later 🙂

Eat healthy and stay fit!

Happy cooking!

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