One of the best feelings in the world is seeing plants that you sowed grow into beautiful trees with luscious produce. And a sight of pests attacking them can drive you crazy. All that hard work and these creatures eat them away!

Controlling pests is a must do for any garden.  The more nutrients you feed your plants, the stronger it will be and immune to pest attacks. If you notice carefully, the weaker plants are more prone to pest attacks. So make sure your plant is living in a healthy soil, it has adequate sunlight and of course adding fertilizers once a week to strengthen it.

Homemade recipe for pest control

Take 50gms each of ginger garlic and chillies and make a paste.

Take 5ml or 10ml of neem oil (available in herbal stores)

Mix both of these in 3 liters of water.

To make the solution stick to your plants, add small pieces of neem bar soap (available in khadikraft stores in India) to the solution.

Dissolve all the ingredients well in water and strain using a filter.

Transfer the solution to spray bottles and spray all your plants in the morning once a week.

Follow this method in your garden even if there are no pests to avoid pests attack. Prevention is better than cure!

My aunt religiously does this to her terrace garden and her vegetable produce is healthy as well as pest free!

Try this in your garden and you won’t be disappointed!