The first thing you notice when you enter a house is the flooring. A clean and bright floor can give the feeling of cleanliness and hygiene in a home. So it is essential to keep the floors clean especially when you have a baby around.

The problem we face with cleaning floors is not using proper tools and techniques which might just waste away all our efforts. For effective cleaning, it is necessary to analyse what type of floor your home has, whether it is tile, marble, stone,hardwood or laminate. Each has its own properties and cleaning styles.


To keep a floor clean, first pick away all the stray objects lying around. It is important to sweep the floor before mopping or you will end up mopping the dirt around the house. Use a good quality broom. There are many available in the market. You could use the traditional indoor broom used in India which can pick off dirt from every corner of your house. There are also long handle bristle brushes which can be used. Flat head dry mops can be used for sweeping too. It can effectively pick up dust and hair as well.


  • Stone Floors (Marble,Granite,Marbonite,Tiles) 

Marble, granite and other stones do not absorb much moisture. If you use large amount of water and heavy string mops, you will find lots of streaks after drying. Microfiber twist mops are best suited for all stone surfaces. They are similar to the cotton string mops except that the superior quality of the microfiber strings help to absorb much of the water giving a streak free finish and less of water left behind. Don’t forget a good wringer bucket along with it to remove the excess water. This is the best all purpose mop for your indoors. There is no need to use chemical floor cleaners as they may lead to a sticky floor and a magnet for dirt. They can sometimes affect your stone surfaces as well. Adding few drops of dish liquid to hot water is sufficient for a clean floor. Optionally you can add few drops of essential oil for a pleasant smell.


  • Hardwood and Laminate floors

String mops are a big no for these floors as they can hardly absorb any water and you will end up slipping on it. Flat Head Mops are best suited for these floors. Some of these mops also come with a small dispenser near the head which sprays water onto the floor. Do not use a bucket full of water for this purpose. Use a spray bottle filled with a water and a squirt of dish liquid. Spray onto the floor and mop. Keep spare pads handy if one gets too wet. Do not forget to lauder the pads after each use. These mops can also be used for marble.Top-Quality-Stainless-Steel-ABS-telescopic-flat-mop-with-6-microfiber-mop-head-mops-floor-cleaning.jpg

  • Outdoor/ Industrial Floor

Cotton String mops also called yatch mops are best for heavy duty purposes. This is the one that first comes to our mind when we think of mops. In fact they are used by people indoors also. But it is not necessary for indoors unless your floors are really dirty. They are not recommended for stone flooring as they form streaks on them after drying. These mops play a decent role for heavy mopping with lots of water. They can absorb and hold lot of water so a good wringer bucket is recommended.




*Always mop in a s-shaped pattern. For hardwood floors, mop in the direction of grain.

*Mop from the inside of a room to outside.

*Use warm or hot water for mopping to kill bacteria.

*Allow the mop to dry in sunlight after each use so as to avoid bacteria forming in them.

*Use arm muscles rather than back muscles while mopping to avoid back pain.

Cleaning Grouts

Grouts are those black or grey colored fillings which form between floor tiles. These grouts give the look of a dirty floor no matter how much you mop them. 

How to clean –

1. Use an old toothbrush and some oxygen bleach powder. Dissolve oxygen bleach powder in hot water and use it to scrub away the grout.

2. Baking soda can also be used. Let it sit for 5 minutes on the grout and then scrub away with a toothbrush.