Masalas are an integral part of Indian cuisines. We cannot cook without even any one of them. It’s what makes our food so delicious and spicy. That’s why we even take with us while going abroad.

But the mistake we do is buying them ready made in packets at the store. With the growing competition  in markets, every brand will try to enhance their products by adding whatever chemicals they like. In the long run, consuming these spices can be hazardous for our health.

Our ancestors grinded their own masalas and made everything from scratch. That is why they were more healthier and stronger than us. In the name of modernization, we are losing our health making silly decisions.

It’s high time we spread awareness on the various harmful effects that our daily food is causing. We need to assess what we are consuming everyday. If what you want is a healthy, toxic free life, don’t take chances. Take a little effort to make your basic masalas and flour. Your children will thank you later.

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is the king of Indian spices. It has antiseptic properties which help kill bacteria and fight infections in our body. I’m sure you know that every store bought turmeric powder packet has loads of yellow colored dyes in it. If you don’t, make your own powder and smell it. The fragrance of pure turmeric powder is unbeatable.

What you need – dried whole turmeric 500gms

Take it to your locality mill for grinding. It will give you at least 450gms of turmeric powder.

Store it in a glass jar and use. Use this in your dishes and enhance the taste of your dishes.

Chilli Powder

We Indians cannot do without chilli. We love spice and how it makes our dishes so much taste and colorfull. Unfortunately the store bought ones have added red color to give an appealing look to dishes.

To ensure the chilli powder is pure, buy dried red chillies. The Andhra chillies are best known for their flavour. They are long and deep red in color.

Andhra chillies

What you need – 1kg dried red chillies

Take them to your local mill for grinding. It will give around 900gm of chilli powder. You can do the same for kashmir chillies which are famous for their color imparting properties and less spice.

Coriander Powder

Coriander or methi powder is used in Indian dishes to add flavour as well as thickness in non vegetarian gravies.

What you need – 1kg dried coriander seeds
Roast the coriander seeds in a heavy bottomed vessel lightly. There should be no change in color after roasting.

Take it to the mill for grinding. 1kg seeds will give 1kg of coriander powder.

For 1/2 kg of meat curry, 4 tbsp of coriander powder is sufficient.

The same procedure should be followed to make fennel powder.

Garam Masala Powder

Indian food is famous for its Biryani. The inclusion of various spices is what makes Indian dishes stand out. Garam masalas add the flavour of all spices combined to give a beautiful aroma and taste.

To make 1kg garam masala, you will need

1/2kg fennel seeds

Cardommom  40gm

Cloves 50gm

Cinnamon 4 finger length big sticks

Cumin seeds 1/2 cup

Whole pepper 1/4 cup

Optional – some nutmeg, star anise

Mix all these spices and powder them in a mill.

Garam Masala ready. For 1/2 kg meat curry, 1tbsp of this masala is enough.

Use these organic masalas in your daily cooking. I’m so addicted to the lovely aroma and flavour they give that I always make sure I have enough stock of them.

Happy Cooking!