Ever had to buy leafy greens every other day since they dry out soon? Or had to throw out your half eaten lettuce in a week? The problem is the way you store them.Storing vegetables and produce the correct way can help reduce a lot of food wastage and save your money too! Find out below tried and tested ways of storing produce in the refrigerator to keep it lasting for days.

  1. Green Chillies

As soon as you buy fresh green chillies, make it a point to remove their stems off their heads and then store in an airtight container. This will prevent it from rotting soon and will help it to last for at least 2 weeks.

2. Lettuce,Cabbage,Spinach

These vegetables are best when stored in a plastic wrap. And don’t forget to change the wrap after each use.

3. Bananas

Got too many bananas at home and worried how to store them? No problem. Prevent half of them from ripening by wrapping their stems in a plastic wrap. It will delay the ripening process and hence your banana will last longer.

4. Curry Leaves, Coriander leaves and Mint leaves

These are essentials of Indian Cooking. We need them almost everyday in our cooking. So keeping them for longer days will help to reduce wastage. I tried storing them in paper towels, bags, newspapers. Nothing worked. Then my mom gave me the idea of storing them in glass jars. I couldn’t believe when they lasted so fresh even after 3 weeks! So now I keep my olive jars filled with my curry leaves.

Another method of storing coriander and mint leaves is by cutting off their stems and immersing the stems in a cup holding 1 inch water. Keep it covered loosely by using a small plastic bag upside down. This will keep it fresher longer.

5. Tomatoes, Capsicum

These veges are best when they are stored at room temperature. But if they tend to ripen soon you can place them in vegetable bags or paper bags in the crisper drawer of the refirgerator.

6. Onions,Garlic and Potatoes

Keep Onions,Garlic and potatoes on the counter. Do not refrigerate them as it will ruin their flavor. Also don’t keep them close to each other as the gases released from onions will make the potatoes bud grow faster.

7. Celery

Celery sticks will stay crispy and fresh when wrapped in aluminium foil and placed in the fridge.

8. Carrots, Beans and other veges

Store each set of veges in a separate plastic bag with holes(or a veg mesh bag)and store in the crisper drawer. Also line the crisper drawer with paper towels to absorb excess moisture in them.

Carrots, Cucumbers,Cabbage and Cauliflower should be stored separately as they have the potential of over ripening and absorb other odors.

9.Lemon, Limes, Pineapples

They can last up to a week at room temperature. Avoid refrigerating them.

How To Store Cut Vegetables

  1. Green Leafy Vegetables

Wrap half used lettuce, spinach,cabbage and other leafy vegetables in a paper towel to remove excess water and then you can also place it in a plastic wrap or bag in the fridge or just secure it with a rubber band.

2. Cauliflower

Store cut cauliflower as you would cut broccoli, but be aware that cauliflower not only loses its flavor quickly once cut (unless it is frozen) but is also particularly sensitive and absorbent to other flavors in the refrigerator, so if refrigerating, try to use the cauliflower as soon as possible.


Fresh cut carrots can be kept in plastic bags in the refrigerator, but to prevent them from drying out, either wrap them in moist paper towels or store in cold water. Loosely cover the water to ensure no debris gets into the water, but don’t use an airtight container.

4. Onions, Garlic

Store half cut onions and peeled garlic in airtight containers in the fridge.Garlic can be used up to 2 days.Onions can be used for 3-5 days.

5. Cucumbers, Beans

Store cut cucumbers,beans in an airtight bag or in a plastic wrap.

6. Capsicum

Cut capsicum can be stored in a plastic wrap or bag for up to 2 days, after which it may tend to get slimy.

7. Potatoes

Store cut potatoes in water for up to 1 day, loosely covered in the refrigerator.

8. Tomatoes

Cut tomatoes do not refrigerate well. However, if you have cut a portion of the tomato, you may be able to salvage the rest if you place it, cut side down, on a plate, and cover loosely. It will keep at cool room temperature for up to a day.