Dosas are South Indian favourites enjoyed by all throughout India. The soft and crispy dosas are very popular in India for their unique taste and their property to get along with all side dishes. Dosa/Idly batter is the easiest to store and make on a buzy day.

Some of the major accompaniments for dosas include sambar, chutneys and idly chutney powder.

The 2 main ingredients needed to make dosas are

* Dosa rice

* Urad Dal

The basic combination of these 2 ingredients is 4:1 .

For 4 cups of dosa rice, you will need 1 cup of Urad dal.

For a family of 2, 2 cups of dosa rice will make batter than can last for 4 dinners.

To make dosa batter –

*First soak the rice and Urad dal separately for at least 6 hours.

*Drain the water and add Urad dal first to the grinder.

*Add water little by little so that the texture is smooth and not too thick.

*It will take only 15minutes for the Urad dal to grind to a smooth texture.

* Collect the Urad dal batter into a container.

*In the same grinder, add the soaked rice.

*Add water little by little and allow it to grind for 20 to 25 minutes.

*Check if the rice batter is not too coarse and not too thick. The texture should be smooth.

* Add this rice batter to the Urad dal batter and mix both of them well. Add 1 tsp salt.

* Keep the container at room temperature(little warm) for half a day so that fermentation takes place.

* Store the batter in fridge and use when required.


* You can add salt to the batter after grinding or just before making dosa.

*If your room temperature is very low, keep the batter container inside an oven (off) to give it some warmth.

*If the climate is very hot, the batter is prone to fermenting soon and hence refrigerate the batter earlier. You can also add ice cubes instead of water to the Urad dal batter when it is grinding so that it doesn’t ferment too much.

*Do not add too much water to the batter while grinding else you cannot make idlis as they will not puff up.

* If you are storing the batter for long days, refrigerate some of the unfermented batter in a separate container. Add to the fermented batter when using after some days so that it does not have a tangy taste.

* Adding 1 tsp fenugreek (methi) seeds to the Urad dal batter while grinding will give a good smell to batter.

* Freshly fermented batter is best for making the softest idlis.

* Allow the refrigerated batter to get to room temperature(15 min) before making dosa else they will stick to cast iron pan.

* To make the crispiest dosas, use a cast iron dosa tawa.