Marriage is a work in progress. It’s a box you have to fill in everyday. Those special moments is what makes a marriage thrive under any circumstances. Marriage isn’t supposed to make you happy and satisfied. It’s YOUR job to make your marriage happy and satisfying. If the neighbor’s grass is greener, it’s because they are watering it. Same goes for marriage. Doing nothing and expecting to get swept off your feet is plain silly. 

Find ways to make your spouse happy instead of expecting. The more you give,  the more you’ll get in return. So stop complaining and check out these simple yet effective ways that you can express love to your husband. Try them a couple of times and watch how merrier your home becomes.

1. Suprise him

Everyone loves suprises. So do husbands. Gift him on his birthday or anniversary. Don’t sit idle and expect gifts from him all the time. Make him his favorite dish or bake a cake. Save for something that he has been wanting to buy for a long time. This will make him feel loved.

2. Good bye kiss

Make it a habit to give him a good bye kiss at the door when he leaves for work.  This will keep you in his thoughts for a while. Don’t be shy or embarrassed to express your love even if he makes fun of it. He is actually enjoying it.

3. Doll up

Once we get into the routine of married life, pyjamas are our best friends. But at least once a week, dress up for him in his favourite dress or saree to remind him that you are beautiful. 

4. Praise him/ Appreciate him

Appreciating him for the efforts he takes or even reminding how much a wonderful husband he is(even if he is not) will definitely bring a better change in him. Your belief in him is what will make your relationship stronger.

5. Feed him

This might sound silly but feeding each other a morsel of food or even a scoop of ice cream everyday will definitely increase love for each other. It’s sunnah too. So bring it in your schedule and enjoy it.

6. Pray together

Requesting him to pray with you will definitely bond both of you on a spiritual level.

7. Initiate Romance

Most women expect their husbands to be romantic but won’t initiate it themselves. This causes unwanted frustrations. If you are in the mood for romance, initiate it. There is no need to hold back your feelings, he is your husband after all.Hug him when you feel like, cuddle up. Once you add romance to your life, he will love it and  become more romantic himself.

8. Private talk before bed

The best time to share your feelings and opinions with your spouse is before bed. Put away your phone and talk to him. Ask silly questions of his childhood, relish your wedding memories and discuss what you like most about each other. It will make a big difference in your married life.

9. Wake him up with a smile

I know it’s quite difficult to wake up a sleeping man. But not impossible. Instead of screaming from the kitchen or getting angry, try to wake him up with some sweet gestures. That will brighten up his day and lift his mood.

10. Say ‘I Love You’

There can’t be a better way to express love than saying that you love him. Tell him ,send a message or you can even leave a note on his laptop. There are a million ways.