Kitchen  is a whole new world for women after marriage. And it’s most probably because we’ve been too buzy to enter it before. So before you get into the world of cutting and burning, a few handy tips will help you rule the kitchen without fear.
There are a thousand models of cooking stoves available in the market and find out what yours is. Learning their safety rules is important. First, the type of gas range, electric, gas or Inducation base. Though gas stoves are cheaper and more efficient as they can easily heat up any pan, they are more prone to combustion and accidental fire. So each time before you light up your gas stove, make sure there is no gas leakage. You can do this by smelling for gas fumes. 

1. Check if all the knobs on the stove are at OFF position when not in use. 

In case you smell any fumes, DO NOT light the gas. Open the windows and doors for the fumes to escape. Proper ventilation in the kitchen is mandatory. Use chimneys or exhaust fans. DO NOT use switches either when you smell gas. A small spark in the switches could lead to a fire if there is gas leakage.

2. The flame beneath a pot on the stove shouldn’t extend past the sides of the pot. Use the right size pot for the burner and adjust the flame so that it doesn’t flare up around the pot.

3.Don’t allow food to boil over. This could put out the flame, while still leaving the gas on, which increases the risk of fire. You can prevent boiling over of a pot by placing a wooden spoon over it. Boiling over could also block the holes in the burner and cause difficulty in lighting the burner. Sometimes they even cause blackening of pots.

If you notice that your burner is blocking the flames and has uneven heating, it needs to be cleaned. You can use a toothpick to clear up the holes and soak it in some warm soapy water and scrub it using an old toothbrush.

4. Do not place flammable items like towels or plastics near the flame.

5. If you are using an LPG cylinder, always replace worn out or defective tubing and regulators. Half of all accidents occur due to leakage in rubber tubes. In India, use only regulators and tubes with ISI markings.

6. Don’t use metal spoons to stir food on the stove and leave them in the pot. They heat up quickly and can burn your hand the next time you touch them. Instead use wooden spoons.

Take precautions to operate a gas stove safely. Improper usage could lead to fires, accidents or carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Be safe. Happy Cooking!