For a perfect pasta dish, it is important to cook the pasta correctly. It should be cooked al dente and not sticky. Here are some rules you should follow for cooking your favorite pasta perfectly.

1. Use a big pot enough to hold the pasta or spaghetti. Remember to push the spaghetti inside the water once it becomes a little flexible.

2. Salt the water. It is important to salt the water before or adding the pasta else pasta will taste bland.

3. Stir the pasta as soon as you drop them in boiling water. This will prevent them from sticking to each other and help in getting evenly cooked. Also stir them in regular intervals in between.

4. Reserve some pasta cooking water. If you’re making a sauce, use some of the leftover starchy pasta water to give your sauce a nice silky texture without thinning it out too much. Just save a cup or two of pasta water — and then add it to the sauce a few tablespoons at a time. You probably won’t need the full cup, but better to save too much than not enough.

5. Check if it cooked at regular intervals. Mostly pasta takes around 20 minutes to get cooked al dente. Check the packaging for cooking instructions and set the time to 2 minutes before the printed time.

6. Drain the pasta immediately after it is done cooking.

7. Do not rinse the drained pasta.

8. Do not let the drained pasta sit in the colander for long. This may cause them to stick together.

9. Know what pasta type to use for which dish using the below guide.