Kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where the family unites and love and laughter is shared. Keeping a kitchen well maintained and organised is the key to a healthy kitchen. They get messy everyday and waking up to a clean kitchen can make one feel relaxed and fresh. This is the place where we get to experiment and make new inventions. So don’t take it for granted. Treat it with love and make it shine!

1. Declutter

The first step to cleaning a kitchen is to put back the things to where they belong. The dirty dishes to the sink and the groceries to where they belong in the pantry. Try to keep your counter clear. Increase storage in your cabinets by adding a layer shelf and get all your stuff inside. A clean counter will give the look of a cleaner kitchen.

2. Clean your stove top

The stove top is most prone to all kinds of spills. Some may even dry up and stain. For easy cleaning, spray some dish soap diluted in water all over the stove top except your burner. If the spills are too dirty, you can even use a cloth soaked in soap water and lay it over the stove for around 10 minutes. Next, remove the cloth and wipe away to a clean looking stove.  Simple and hassle free.

3. Wash the dishes

This is the most annoying of all jobs in the house. But you gotta do it. Instead of letting dishes pile up, whenever you get time in between cooking, wash some of them. This way you won’t have the feeling of too much dishes. Don’t ever go to bed with a dirty sink in your kitchen. It is the number one reason for pest attacks. Once the dishes are done, disinfect your sink by spraying on some cleaner and rinse.

4. Wipe the counter and tiles

After a good cleanup of all the dishes and stuff, take a damp sponge or microfiber cloth and wipe your counter top and back splash tiles. If they have any oil residues, spray some soapy water and wipe away.

5. Clear the floor

Clearing the floor is equally important to cleaning the counter top because there are chances of food spillage and waste which may have gone from your counter top to the floor. So clear your floor with a broom and if you see any spillage, don’t let it dry till mopping day. Take a damp cloth and wipe it away. This will save you time and and effort at the end of the week.

Voila!  A sparkly and welcoming kitchen in the morning.

Try to incorporate this routine every night after dinner and you will get used to it. It won’t seem like a chore anymore. Once you get addicted to a cleaner kitchen every morning, the night work will be worth it.