Ghee is no doubt one of the commonly used ingredients in Indian cooking. From dal platters to sweet ladoos, they are used in numerous ways. Ghee is also the healthiest form of good fat. Its a good source of cholestrol and vitamin K. Technically speaking, ghee is a form of clarified butter.

Nowadays ghee is readily available in the markets and grocery stores. But the probability of adulteration still lingers. For longer storage, store bought ghee are adulterated with chemicals. So what if I told you making ghee at home was easier than cupcakes? Yes it is. And the result is worth it.

I actually started this practice when I started solid food for my toddler. I wanted to make sure that I could give him the best nutrients from all natural foods at this stage when his immune system was developing. So I tracked down a nearby farm to get fresh cow milk directly from the farm. Luckily the people at the farm were genuine enough to let us see their work. From that day, I have been buying only their milk. When I buy the milk packets, I can see the difference. The amount of cream that I got everyday was overwhelming and I didn’t want to throw them away.

So I made the cream into ghee which my son loves to have in his food.

All you need for ghee preparation is FRESH MILK.

*When you boil milk, the layer which gets formed on the top is the cream.Collect the cream through a filter everyday and store it in a container in your freezer. For a good amount of ghee, collect the cream of milk for at least a month.

* When the container is full, take it for preparing ghee.

* Pour the cream into a blender and blend at turbo at 2 second intervals.

* You will notice that some water will come at the top and cream will settle and bottom.

* Remove the excess water and take the settled cream into a heavy bottomed pan.

* Keep on high flame till the cream starts boiling. Then simmer.

* Keep the flame at simmer for at least 10 minutes. You will notice that the milk solids start forming chunks and a golden liquid forms.

* Continue heating till the milk solids turn brown. Once they all brown, switch off the flame. Allow to cool.

* Once it is cooled, strain the liquid through a filter and you will get the purest and fragrant ghee in your block. For an extra fragrance,  you can add drumstick leaves at the end of the process and filter it out when cooled.

Store the ghee in a glass container.

Enjoy your ghee and stay healthy!