A good home needs to be clean and hygienic. When it comes to cleaning, there are so many options available in the market which can cause confusion. We may tend to buy things we don’t need. Hoarding all types of cleaners and disinfectants can really burn a hole in your pocket. Choose wisely and see what products your kitchen has to offer.

Cleaning Tools 

1. Cleaning Cloth – You will need at least 4 or 5 of these cloths. From dusting furniture, buffing surfaces to wiping countertops , a good microfiber cloth is your best friend. Microfiber has the ability to absorb 5 times more water than ordinary cloths. They can also be used for dusting as they trap it without letting it fly away. Invest in some of these for a sparkly clean home.

2.Bristle Brush – You will need bristle brushes for scrubbing sinks and washbasins. 

3.Old toothbrush – Don’t toss away old toothbrushes. They can come handy in cleaning the darkest hard to reach corners of dirt in your home.

4.Spray Bottles – If you are planning to make your own simple cleaners, you will need a couple of these to store them.

5. Vacuum/Broom and mop – Find out which broom and mop suits your home floor here.

6.Toiletries – A squeegee for cleaning your mirrors and glass doors and a toilet brush is needed. A bathroom floor wiper is essential to keep you from slipping. And a long brush to scrub your floor.

DIY Cleaners

There is no need to spend huge amount of money on those chemical cleaners available in the market. Easy to make home made cleaners are enough to do the same task. In fact most of the cleaning hacks are already present in our kitchen.

1. All purpose cleaner – Mixing one part of water and one part of dish washing liquid will make an effective all purpose cleaner. Store it in a spray bottle and use it for cleaning your countertops, removing dirt off surfaces and even disinfecting your floor.

2. Glass Cleaner – Mix one part of white vinegar in 1 part of water. Store it in a spray bottle. Use this on your window glass, glass tables and wipe them down with a cloth or newspaper to get a squeaky clean finish.

3. Dirt and Grease Remover – Wiping away drip offs as soon as they form is the best way to treat them. When the stains on the stove top or tiles dry up it becomes a tough task to deal with them. The key here is letting them soak. Instead of trying to scratch it away when it’s dry, allow it to absorb some moisture first and then wipe away easily. The best recommended scratch proof remedy would be baking soda. Baking soda has the ability to break down as well as deodorise the stains. Just sprinkle some baking soda and water paste over the stain and let it stay for few minutes. Then, you can easily wipe or scrub it away.