In today’s world we are continuously running behind our dreams, work, kids that we don’t have time to stop and worry about our health which in fact requires utmost importance. With growing epidemics and diseases, we are left wondering if we are teaching healthy living to our children. Fast foods, processed foods and take aways may be quite convincing to save time but remember that these small steps is what will have a long term effect on you and your family. A little effort and time can help to maintain your health and your family’s .
In the name of modernisation, the food industry is putting our health at risk. Adulteration is everywhere, from the salt we use to the so called organic food, there are health hazards everywhere.  It’s high time that we act smartly and know what goes into our bodies.

Let’s start with our basic commodities.


Yes, salt. Unfortunately the most basic commodity in our homes is adulterated. Salt is mixed with talc and other impurities in the mining process. Be aware that ALL salt is SEA SALT. Table salt, heavily processed salt, iodine salt, everything is sea salt only that the evaporation process may be different. So first test your salt. Sprinkle some salt in a little water. If it turns cloudy, talc is added and any residues indicate impurities.

Solution – Opt for salt from reliable sources. Or buy non iodized crystal sea salt (kal uppu in tamil). It is cheap and can be found at a local supermarket. They are larger in size. You can powder them in your blender and use but they may turn out a little sticky. What I do is I spread the salt on a heavy bottomed pan and lightly roast on low flame to evaporate any moisture, then cool and powder it in my blender. One packet of sea salt powdered can last upto 2 months for me.The flavor of real salt is much better than the processed ones. It is worth your health.


Being one of the most used commodity in our kitchens, white sugar is the most hazardous of all. The number of processing they go through to make cane sugar white is shocking. Sulphur is a common additive to sugar to make them look more appealing.  So the next time you fall the prettiest sugar in the shopping aisle, remember that it is the devil in disguise. The reason why people suffer from high blood sugar is because of the commercial white sugar. It’s bizarre to know that some godowns even use pesticides directly on sugar to avoid pests.

Solution–  Substitute sugar with jaggery in your fresh juices, shakes. You can also opt for raw sugar or brown sugar which is a better option than the white sugar.


One of the biggest scams going on in our country, India is that of milk. Milk being a basic commodity is being taken advantage of by increasing the adulteration so as to feed the demand. What they give us in retail shops in packets will have 1 or 2% of milk with the rest being additives like milk powder, starch, synthetic milk and even detergent powder!

Solution – Opt for fresh farm milk. I’m sure you can always track down farms in your locality in India. Farms are common in India. Nowadays they are even present in cities. All it takes is a little effort. It may be pricey but worth yours and your child’s health.


Since the milk we get is adulterated enough, there is no need to explain what happens to grocery ghee. Ditch the store ghee for freshly made desi ghee at home.

 Solution – You can make fresh ghee at home from milk in not more than 15 minutes. All you need is cream from milk collected over a month or two. For full instructions – How To Make Ghee From Milk

Spice Powders

Common Indian spices like cumin, pepper, chilli, coriander and turmeric are lifeline of Indian cooking. No home can do without it. It is pathetic to find out that most of the powders available in markets have additives like sawdust and coloring agents. Mix your coriander powder in little water and check. If it has saw dust, it will float and spice will sink. Your turmeric may be having yellow coloring agent(melanil yellow). This in long term use may put your health at high risk.

Solution- Opt for homemade masalas. It’s not that difficult as you think. All you need to buy is whole spices in their seed/root form. Locate a mill nearby and they will grind it for you. Once you use them, the flavor of your food will never let you go back to the store ones. Do it the traditional way and don’t put tour health at risk. To know how to make homemade masala easily, click below-

How To Make Homemade Masalas 


If you are trusting on warm lemon honey mixture everyorning in your diet routine, you may want to give your honey a good check. If you are using adulterated honey from the supermarket, it may not as well help you much. Commercial honey is adulterated with sugar syrup, corn syrup, glucose, etc.

Solution – Buy organic honey. You can always find a reliable bees farm source where you can find organic honey. To check if it is pure, dissolve honey in water. If it completely dissolves, it is adulterated. Pure honey should settle at the bottom. Also you can check by adding a drop on your thumb. Pure honey should lightly spread while adulterated honey will flow away.


If you are conscious of your everyday carbohydrate intake, switch your white rice with brown rice. They are less in sugar content and are a great source of fiber. You can also have a regular intake of quinoa which can reduce your cholestrol and blood sugar levels. Also do not buy the packaged rice flour. Rice flour can be made at home easily. Homemade Rice Flour

Fruits And Vegetables 

The fruits and vegetables we buy at the market aresearch usually sprayed with a lot of pesticides and chemicals. Including them in your diet directly may have effect on your health.

Solution – When you buy fresh produce from the market, the first thing to do as soon as you get home is immerse them in a vessel filled with 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water. Let it sit for 10 to 16 minutes.  Rinse it, pat it on a towel or allow to dry, then store it. This way you can ensure that your produce is free from chemicals as vinegar has antibacterial properties.


There is always a debate of white bread vs brown bread. The common bread brands in India are guilty of adulteration. It has been recently researched that the leading white bread brands contained a carcinogenic chemical, potassium bromate which could trigger thyroid problems. This additive is banned in many countries except India.

Solution – If you are a regular consumer of bread, make sure you buy wheat bread from a reliable source /baker. After all it is our right to know what we are buying.

Say A Big No To 

  • Soft Drinks
  • Diet sodas
  • White Bread
  • Packaged fruit juices
  • Alcohol
  • Pastries
  • Candy bars
  • French fries, chips
  • Adulterated foods
  • Deep fried roadside snacks

Instead have

  • Tender coconut water
  • Fresh juices
  • Nuts and dry fruits
  • Seeds
  • Farm milk
  • Homemade food
  • Brown sugar or raw sugar
  • Whole wheat bread

There is no age to start afresh. Bring the change and be the change. Because our body is our responsibility.

So start with these simple steps and make your way to a healthy living.