So you have bought yourself a brand new oven and being a first timer wondering what you would like to bake. YouTube has got uncountable recipes for your oven though, but do you have the products you need to make your task easier? Fret not! Here’s a list of the basic items you will need for making your baking recipes.

1. An Electric Hand Blender/Stand Mixer

The one thing that you cannot do without is the hand mixer. If you are not too serious about baking and use your oven occasionally, you can buy an electric hand blender to whip up your cream, egg whites or0 any dough. It’s affordable, saves space and can fit in your cupboard easily.

 If you are serious about your baking skills and plan on frequent baking, it is better to invest in a good electric stand mixer like Kitchen Aid. They may be a little pricey but can make your work a breeze. Since they are a little bulky, thet may occupy a space on your countertop. Sturdy, stylish and efficient, this one is a must have for every baker.

2. Measuring Cups And Spoons

For getting the perfect results, you need to maintain the correct measurement of the ingredients. For this purpose you will be needing a dry ingredient measurement(cup and tsp/tbsp) and wet ingredient measurement, a Pyrex (ml/L). If you are more into professional baking, you will need and small digital weighing scale to measure grams.

3. Springform Pan/ Muffin Trays

For baking the perfect cakes, Springform pans are the best option. Mess free and light, you can buy them in various sizes and shapes, standard ones being 6 inch,8 inch or 10 inch.

You will also need a muffin tray of 6 or 12 muffin pits to bake your favourite cupcakes.

4. A Good Steel Whisk and Metal Bowl

Now a whisk is a kitchen essential, but keep one for your baking purposes. A steel whisk is used to mix ant dough without any clumps. For whipping up cream or egg whites you will need a metal or glass bowl. Plastic bowls won’t work.

5. Brushes and Rubber Spatula

You will need a silicon brush for applying egg wash onto your pastries. A good spatula is also needed to fold items into your dough and also to get the last trace of mixture from your bowls.

6. Icing Piper

For baking macaroons and frosting your cakes and cupcakes, a Piper is essential. You can buy them with a set of nozzles for a beautiful frosting. 

7. Rolling Pin and Cookie Cutter

To spread out your cookie dough smooth and even, you will need a good wooden rolling pin. If you are a cookie lover, cookie cutters of various shapes are also a good option.

8. Parchment Paper

For lining the bottom of your baking trays and Springform pan, you will need good quality parchment paper or wax paper. It prevents the dough from sticking to the bottom.

9. Baking Ingredients and Decoratives

Most baking procedures will require baking powder or baking soda. Color gels, sprinkles and cool whip will help you make your pastries look more appealing.

10. A Conversion Chart

I belive this one is the most important as each recipe you search for may have a different measurement. For easier analysis and measuring, you will find the below chart useful.