We all check the expiration dates on the food we buy but are you aware that household products expire too? Do you know how often you should change your towels, shoes or car seats? If the answer is no, then keep reading to find out.

Items in the bedroom

Pillows: 2-3 years

You put your head on it every night. You adjust it by pulling, punching or rolling it until your neck is comfortable. But after a while the pillow loses its shape thus becoming less supportive of your neck which can lead to neck pain. Also, the sweat from your body makes it a perfect home for dust mites. YUCK!

Slippers: 6 months

After you spend a long day wearing uncomfortable shoes or high heels, slippers are the perfect choice to rest your feet in. However, they are also an environment where fungal infections are spread, so keep in mind that you should wash them as often as possible, by hand or in the washing machine depending on the type of the slippers.

Items in the bathroom

Sponge: 2 weeks

Shower Pouf: 6 months

The shower is the perfect place for mold and fungus to breed in. This includes shower utensils too. Be careful not to use expired sponges and poufs. To kill the growing bacteria just boil the natural and synthetic shower poufs in hot water.

Towel: 1-3 years

We are pretty sure most of you dry your towels by just hanging them to air dry instead of machine drying. The damp towels create a perfect environment for the bacteria to grow. You should know that after the towels stayed too long in their wet state, washing them often will not solve the problem of the bacteria that has already multiplied.

Toothbrush: 3 months

Are you one of the people who replace a toothbrush when the bristles wear down? Well, you waited too long. Also, if you had a cold or the flu, make sure you buy a new toothbrush, otherwise you might get sick again from the leftover germs.

Items in the dresser

Hairbrush: 1 year

You should thoroughly clean your brush once a week and buy a new one every year. If your hairbrush is made from natural boar bristle, than consider buying a new one every 7-10 months.

Perfume & Eau de toilette: 1-3 years

Perfumes which contain essential oil can be used up to three years before and up to two years after opening. Eau de toilette can be kept unopened for four years and should be used no longer than two years after opening.


Pacifier: 2-5 weeks

Latex pacifier, even if they are in perfect condition must be replaced often. This material breaks very easily and germs can breed in the cracks.

Child car seat: 6-10 years

Car seats aren’t everlasting either, as the plastic and foam deteriorate and can no longer provide the protection for the child. So, consider this if you are thinking of buying a second hand child car seat.


Bra:1-2 years

After a while, bras bend out of shape and also lose elasticity. So if you waited this long for your bra to become uncomfortable, toss the old and get yourself a brand new one.

Running shoes: 1 year

You don’t have to be a marathon runner for your shoes to wear off. After they hit 250-300 miles, their cushions begin breaking down and can’t support your feet properly, which stresses your joints unnecessary.


Spices: 1-3 years

Spices lose their flavor and aroma over time. This might result in your favorite dish to become a bit blah. Ground spices, however, should not be kept longer than 6 months. So if you like using spices a lot, consider buying whole instead of ground, and grind them just before use.

Flour: 6-12 months

If you buy first-grade flour you can keep it for six months, and if you prefer high-grade flour you can keep it stored up to a year.

Cutting board : Every 12 months

Sponges and dishcloth: Every week or every 2 weeks

Wooden spoons : Every 5 years


Fire extinguisher: 15 years

If there is any damage to the fire extinguisher or the hose, replace it as soon as possible.

Power strips: 1-2 years

Power strips are used in every household to plug in various appliances. But, the electricity damages the cord over time which can result in serious danger.

Disinfectants: 3 months

Using the disinfectants for three months leads to their loss of effectiveness.

Mosquito repellents: 2 years

If  you still have some of the mosquito repellent left, don’t think about using it if its older than 2 years because it’s probably useless.