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The Ultimate Indian Wedding Checklist …for the bride to be

8 Items Every Bride Needs on her Wedding Day

Weddings create so much excitement for the family,friends and most of all the spouses to be! Among all the excitement there is a hell lot of confusion. From dresses to jewellery, makeup to accessories, the list goes on. Everyone wants to lend in their opinion creating more confusion. But at the end of the day what matters most is what YOU as the bride like and enjoy.

Note down all the things that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss during the wedding shopping.

#1. Wedding Attire

The most loved wedding dress for indian girls remains to be the LEHENGA or the SAREE.Some also prefer gowns and half sarees. Choose the look that YOU prefer and get your designer to recreate it for you. You can use the shawl of lehenga to cover your head or customise one to match your look. Often times brides allow themselves to be discouraged by the opinions of family and friends. If you feel like the queen you are when you slip into the dress, that’s all that matters!

Before the big day, give a thorough check to find any blisters or missing sequins in the dress.

#2. Jewelry

Indians love jewelry. There is no fact that can deny it. Choosing the correct type of jewelry can save you a lot of money. Gold is the most desired form of  wedding jewelry. But today’s young women are more interested in antique jewelry rather than just gold. If you are looking for ways to save, opt for the imitation or fancy jewelry for maang tika(nethi chuti) , hip chain and hand chain which cannot be used again.When buying gold jewelry make sure there is less wastage of gold in the form of stones if you plan to save. However, the amount and type of jewellery you chose is up to you. Also make sure you get chain adjustment ropes at the jeweller for attaching to the chains for arranging them without looking cramped.

#3. Hair and Makeup

One most important think that you dread might go wrong on your big day! Be very careful in choosing a good beauticean whose work you know of. Ask for a trial look of your makeup and hairstyle before the big day arrives. Incase you opt for self makeup, make sure you perfect the look by choosing the right products.

#4. Accessories

Bobby pins and safety pins! You are going to need a hell lot of those. Splurge on them to keep your last minute hair and costume in proper shape.

Also dont forget to get a matching sandal .

#5. A handy sewing kit

A small mending kit with scissors, needle and thread is a must have to fix any last minute costume accidents. Chances are you wont need it,but its good to know its there to help.


#6. Personal Essentials

A comb, deodrant, lip balm,chewing mints,wipes and compact powder are little things that can come in handy. A moisturiser in case you have dry skin. Also dont forget to keep your favourite mascara, lipstick and foundation for the long day ahead! Dont forget your phone and charger too. Better keep a big handbag and stuff all these little things into it. Voila!

#7. Pamper yourself

Make sure you have enough time to look after your skin and keep it flawless for the big day. Get salon help or even simple, effective DIYs can help to keep tan and acne away.

#8. Patience and a sense of humour

Patience is something you are going to need the most on your big day. Dont panic, this isn’t brain surgery. Your wedding should be a fun time. Dont be afraid to laugh and enjoy the process. Ignore the annoying aunties and keep smiling!

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